Partnership and Co-operation Agreement defined 7 priorities of the EU-Ukraine cooperation: energy, trade and investments, justice and home affairs, adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to that of the EU, environment, transport, trans-border cooperation, collaboration in the sphere of science, technology and outer space.
Strategy of UAEI
Ukrainian Academy of European Integration (UAEI) is an independent, non-governmental and non-political organization. Its activity is devoted to deeping and enlarging liaisons between Ukraine and the European Union in economical and political area by means of establishing a constructive dialog and effective cooperation.
The primary objective of UAEI is promotion and strengthening the development of integration processes of Ukrainian state to the Community of Europe; assisting in accelerating the infrastructural, economic and social development of Ukraine by actively developing a strong vibrant relationship with the EU and its institutions.
Activity directions of UAEI:
  1. promoting regional and trans-border cooperation between Ukrainian regions and regions of Member States of the EU;
  2. promoting economical cooperation between Ukrainian commercial entities and commercial entities of the EU;
  3. promoting improvement of national legal system according to standards and demands of the EU;
  4. promoting democratic changes in Ukraine by means of introduction primary practices of the EU with regard to social life standards and standards of business;
  5. promoting foreign investments into Ukraine;
  6. carrying out analytical researches, preparing policy-papers and recommendations.
Within the framework of goals and directions, UAEI develops constructive cooperation with institutions of the EU and promotes realization of common programs and projects.

In its activity UAEI engages actively external experts consultations.

5th floor, 1a Andriyivsky uzviz, Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine, tel./fax: + 380 44 255 1946, e-mail: contact@uaei.org